Executive Team

Kim Wheelwright
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Pro Pac Labs & Global Health Industries:
Kim Wheelwright is the Chief Executive Officer of Pro Pac Labs, Inc. and Global Health Industries. As a young man, Kim worked for ten years for his father’s company, Life Centers, learning about all aspects of the natural supplement industry. In 1981, Kim started his own natural-supplement manufacturing company based in Ogden, Utah. For over 30 years he has led the company through much growth and evolution by building a team focused on quality, process, and technology to best meet the customers’ needs. His interest in the healing power of herbs and good nutrition started at a young age when his father gave him ginger root and cayenne pepper instead of the more typical “drug store” remedies. Later in life, Kim traveled to the Amazon rainforest, a mecca of bio diversity and phyto-chemicals, to research undiscovered plant-based therapies. His life experiences have fostered his on-going fascination and passion for the process of extracting and creating supplements from medicinal plants and foods. Kim lives in Ogden, UT, where he pursues a healthy lifestyle. The three loves of his life are his wife Rhonda and two daughters, snow skiing, and flying aircraft.

Rhonda Wheelwright
President, Pro Pac Labs & Global Health Industries:
Rhonda Wheelwright is President of Pro Pac Labs, Inc. and Global Health Industries. In her 31-year tenure at Pro Pac Labs, Inc. she has served as Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Director of Customer Service. Her strengths are in strategic planning and developing strong relationships with her customers and employees. One of her great passions is the concept of whole-body health and this philosophy both shapes her strategic vision for the company and extends into her personal life. As an avid athlete, Rhonda can be found most mornings working out at the local gym or running hills in town. She was also the visionary behind GHI’s community garden operation. As she describes, “I started the community garden because I wanted to give back to our employees; they work so hard. I believe that in order to create a company culture around health it needs to start at the core of our business, which is our people.”

Kyle J. Griffiths
Chief Operations Officer (COO), Global Health Industries:
Kyle J. Griffiths has been with Pro Pac Labs, Inc. since 2007, serving as Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Today his role is Chief Operating Officer of Global Health Industries. Through his career he has worked in manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer service, and procurement, and has general management experience owning and running several family businesses. His primary experiences are in the food, biotechnology and nutrition industries, where he excels at building relationships that benefit both the customer and service provider. “The best part of business is the people, internally and externally to our organization. It’s all about relationships and blurring the lines of traditional thought to move business and opportunities forward.” Outside of work, Kyle is a husband, father, and grandfather who enjoys spending time with his family. He also loves to snow ski, water ski, fish, golf, and stay involved in his church and community.

Larry Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Larry Lee serves as the Chief Financial Officer and is a member of Global Health Industry’s Executive Board. He began his career in 1981 at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he focused on helping middle market companies improve their financial controls and reporting systems. Larry is a CPA whose background includes working as a Controller, Consultant, Auditor, Director of Human Resources, Director of Safety, Business Planner and, now, CFO. He has worked in a variety of industry fields, including nutrition, manufacturing, food, construction, automotive, healthcare, railroads and non-profit organizations. He finds doing philanthropic work for non-profit organizations to be very rewarding as it helps him realize how lucky he has been throughout his life. His service to society extends to working as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Utah Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, a two-year term for the Board of the ABC/EMI Health Insurance Pool and he is also currently serving his second term on the Board of Trustees of the Utah AIDS Foundation. Larry enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid bicyclist. After work you can usually find him biking along the Legacy Highway Trail to the Great Salt Lake Marina in preparation for the MS150, which he has done for the past eight years.

Shawn Hogge
Vice President of Quality
Shawn K. Hogge serves as Executive Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Global Health Industries. Shawn became part of Global Health in 2011 as Director of Quality. He brought to Global Health more than 27 years of experience in quality, product development, manufacturing, sales, supplier relationships and customer relationships. Prior to working for Global Health Industries, he was Vice President of Quality Assurance for a contract manufacture in the Dietary Supplement Industry, and as a Director of Quality Assurance for a supplier of chelate minerals. At Global Health Industries his primary responsibilities include quality assurance, quality control, laboratory affairs and regulatory affairs. His experiences are in the Dietary Supplement, Food and Pharmaceutical industries, where he specializes in understanding into the regulatory world. He received his BS from Weber State University in Chemistry and Mathematics. Outside of work Shawn is a husband and father who loves to loves to spend time with his family, hike, hunt, fish, golf and ski. He also is involved with both his church and community.