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Two-Piece Hard Shell Capsule Filling

We utilize a variety of Bosch H&K machinery as they are robust, high performing,
and have approved dosage techniques with good weight variations that can fill a wide range of products. The machinery’s ease-of-use and adaptability make them an ideal choice for our “lean” manufacturing processes.

Unit Dose Capabilities 

A primary way that we optimize our production output is through the design of our compression and encapsulation suites.  Each suite is equipped with a separate air handling system for filtration, ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification, and dust collection.  This allows us to ensure quality by eliminating dust proliferation and cross-contaminations. 

To uphold our “lean” philosophy and regulatory processes, each of our operators is trained in the following: machinery assemblage, operation, dismantling and cleaning.  In addition, each operator runs analyses on weight, hardness, friability, and disintegration (DT), while measuring cycle times for efficiency. By having each operator act as mechanical engineer, operator, and quality controller, we produce
less waste and increase efficiencies.