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We utilize a specialized granulation process to change the density and size of some materials to facilitate optimal flow in the manufacturing process and ensure shorter disintegration times of the finished product.

Granulation Capabilities

  • Fluid-Bed Granulation (Flow coater)
  • High Shear Granulation

Tablet Compression

By using only Stokes brand presses, we can capitalize on part interchangeability, operator knowledge, and consistency, which complement our “lean” philosophy.

Tablet Coating

Our coating operations utilize both ‘perforated pans’ for water-based solutions and ‘conventional pans’ for solvent-based solutions.  However, we prefer to use our high-coater machine, which has a perforated pan and mixing baffles to ensure a uniform mix of tablet cores and equal distribution of the coating material with regulated temperatures. Similar to the rest of our manufacturing operations, our coating department is capable of both large and small commercial batches.
We offer the following customized coating solutions for all customer inquiries:

  • Product identity through color
  • Palatability and bioavailability
  • Elegant and clean product
  • Increase or provide moisture barriers
  • Controlled release coatings (Enteric pH delivery system)

Unit Dose Capabilities 

A primary way that we optimize our production output is through the design of our compression and encapsulation suites.  Each suite is equipped with a separate air handling system for filtration, ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification, and dust collection.  This allows us to ensure quality by eliminating dust proliferation and cross-contaminations. 

To uphold our “lean” philosophy and regulatory processes, each of our operators is trained in the following: machinery assemblage, operation, dismantling and cleaning. In addition, each operator runs analyses on weight, hardness, friability, and disintegration (DT), while measuring cycle times for efficiency. By having each operator act as mechanical engineer, operator, and quality controller, we produce
less waste and increase efficiencies.