Grand Master Mason among us.

Global Health Industries is privileged to have a Grand Master Mason of the 33rd degree in our midst. Jerry Everett has been with GHI for the past year and is the Quality Manager. His education and experience in Engineering has given GHI an advantage in providing top level quality products for our customer and clients.

Jerry has a long history of being in the midsts of the Masons starting with his Grandfather. This tradition has been in the family for many years and it wasn’t until 1976 that he petitioned his father to become a Mason and was later initiated into the fraternity as an Enter Apprentice, and within a year became a Master Mason. Since then, he has worked his way up in the different degrees within the fraternity of the Masonic brotherhood.

At the beginning of February, Jerry was recently recognized at a dinner held in his honor for the past years accomplishments and leadership as the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Free and Accepted Masons of Utah since he was installed last January 2015, in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple. At the dinner, close friends, family members, and work colleagues were invited to support Jerry in his recent accomplishments with the Masons in the Utah area.

GHI is please to recognize Jerry for his hard work and dedication to this group, and the work he has accomplished here at GHI. Jerry is dedicated to the GHI culture and helping us build a strong brand in the vitamin and supplement market as a custom contract manufacturer.

For a more in-depth review of Jerry’s accomplishments as a Mason, the Grand Lodge of Utah has written an extensive biography on him and his work with the Masons, within his community and family.