Updates from the GHI Biggest Loser Challenge

On February 1, 2016, Global Health Industries (GHI) employees began taking part in a Biggest Loser Challenge in conjunction with the GHI Wellness Program.  The GHI Wellness Program is designed to promote healthier eating and improving one’s personal health and wellness.

April begins our third month of the program and many employees have been making huge strides to lose the weight and turn over a new healthy lifestyle. Since the beginning of the program, all staff have taken part in our weigh-in program and we have tracked the progress of each employee  at GHI.

Employees were divided into 7 different teams and each week teams gather together to talk to one another, inspire each other another, learn new techniques to better eating and encouraging safe exercise. In the team, employees gain their inspiration and desire to do better for the new week to loose more weight.

Since our weigh in just a couple of days ago,. all of the teams collective have lost a combined weight of 491 lbs. - an average weight lose of 2% body weight per employee. The individual that is our biggest looser, has lost a total of 13 lbs.

The progress that employees have made is absolutely incredible. Everyone is working very hard to accomplish their own personal goals and meet the respective team goals.