Probiotics are one of the fastest growing segments in the nutritional supplements' marketplace. A plethora of recent scientific research is providing us a deeper understanding of the significant contribution probiotics can make to human health. 

Global Health Industries is a pioneer in the probiotic manufacturing industry. In the past 15 years, we have developed and refined a number of "best practices" in the manufacturing of probiotic products. We have full temperature and humidity control throughout our manufacturing facility and specialized processes and technologies to deliver the industry’s highest quality probiotics products. Our capabilities include capsule, bulk powder, and tablets while our complimentary packaging formats extend to bottle packaging (high barrier plastic, glass) blister packaging (Aclar®/Aluminum, PVDC/Aluminum, and Aluminum/Aluminum), and single-serving powder sachets in high barrier films. 

Through our entire production process, we protect the probiotic culture from temperature and humidity to maintain its dormancy to provide shelf stability for both room temperature and refrigerated storage. Our many years of experience, a state of the art facility, and technological innovations work together to provide you with a successful probiotic product.